He who has seen the darkness shall create his own light

“Into the abyss of darkness, I had to choose between falling forever and clutching the thorns. Notwithstanding their blazes breaking through my bones to be lifted to where no woundless can ever go. Making my shield from the encountered obstacles, wounded tears and broken heart all through the journey. Since darkness reveals what the sun probably doesn’t know. He who has seen the darkness shall create his own light.”

The Palestinian Song


Silenced with chained wings
Humming in agony,
The world assumes I sing

Long ago,
I opened my eyes to the heaven of Palestine,
Flew across its rivers and seas,
Beholding the gold and emeralds beneath
Danced with the moon,
My first kiss was the skies,
Sang with the Olive trees hasting the sunrise

Until the last time,
I was flying across Tiberias Sea
Chanting my favorite song Fe-da-ee
“Patriot”, the anthem of Palestine
Almost finished it but didn’t have a chance
All became nothing, in a long painful glance

When lightning struck me down,
Before the thunder thrashes
To find the remnants of home

Underneath the ashes
To see my parents’ corpses
In the claws of vultures
I can still hear their screams;
Can still sense their torture

Since then
Rivers have flooded with mourners’ tears
Oceans have sunken beneath bloods of martyrs
The Dead Sea became The Sea of the dead
The zephyr suffocated and the skies bled

The olive trees lost leaf by leaf
Their aroma amalgamated with pain and grief
The sun parted,
Leaving millions brokenhearted
Still, petrified to rise
To shine upon another massacre,
Witness another demise

Silenced with chained wings
Humming in agony, the world assumes I sing
Will my wings be emancipated,
Fly in the paradise across Gaza, Jerusalem
Across the West back, without being devastated
Searching for it underneath the tombs
Watching innocents conveyed to their dooms
Knowing that the next, is the one in my womb

Will I regain my plundered voice?
Sing “The Palestinian Song” again
But for once, without its agonizing refrain?

Silenced with chained wings
Crying for Humanity, for conscience
For mercy and for justice
Still, the world assumes I sing
Until my wings can break the chains
Until my voice can sing again,
I pray listeners by then
Be less human and more humane
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The Power of Now

Like east and west is awake and conscious
The power of mind couldn’t be less ominous
If the slave transcends taking over his master
Swirling back and forth from before to after

When all but now is a sense of illusion
Deriving its power from pleasure or pain
So fragile the mind is to abide the confusion
Of an identity derived from phantom of remains

Inattentive to the truth in this whirlwind
Handing over its limitless power
To the thought feasting upon one’s mind
Cause its survival commands it to devour

For a moment I stepped from this battlefield
Not only aware of the events but conscious
Neither aiming an arrow nor holding shield
Not a convict not a victim but an anonymous

I’ve seen the master handing over the reign
Since then misery has dwelt the kingdom
Like the thoughts that took hold of the brain
grieving the past pleading future for freedom

© Mahinour Tawfik
Inspired by The Power of Now for Echkart tolle


Man is born to create his destiny
Rather than fulfill a fate
He who plants the seed
Is better than who wait
cursing the dearth 
rather than hold the spade
and dig the earth
for life is an only road
but thousands ways to be paved

Destiny © Mahinour 2017

Anorexia “battle against eating disorder”


Hey perfect beauty, staring at the mirror
I know you’re fighting lots of wars
I hear the questions but your answers are bitter
Each one raises a couple of thousands more

Yet none ever meets satiating answers
Creeps inside, like a relentless cancer
That devours the insides before bodies wither
In Rather a sentence than indulgence
Than a choice of being thinner

Step away from the mirror, hear me out this time
I know about your pain, all was once mine
I know what’s like to be possessed by your inside
Long restless days upon sore sleepless nights
Awaiting, next morning, the scale to decide
How new day would go
“Not perfect enough” was the one thing I know”

All my determination turned into desperation
I lost everything including myself within
Locked it behind bars of isolation
Created an abyss when I‘d spin and spin
Not for long until I had to fall
Too fragile to stand, more fragile to crawl

After a while I woke up with white coats all around
“Where am I”,
One of ’em said “you were lying on the ground
Not moving not breathing”
“Is she gone?” “No, her heart is still beating”
This time I saw what I’ll never forget
A shadow of a girl
Whose eyes had sunken beneath depths of regrets?
Striving to recall her by hundreds of threats

I got my life back, the life I want
Not anymore the life that haunts
I had another chance; you deserve one too
It isn’t over yet, I know you can make it through
Lead the life you deserve
Why are you kind to the whole world but yourself?

Hey perfect beauty
Pick up the mirror but break it this time
I sense your pain, all was once mine


© Mahinour Tawfik

*Dedicated to all sufferers of eating disorders ” Anorexia Nervosa – Bulimia Nervosa , ……etc ”

Just because it started , doesn’t mean it can’t end


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Once upon a dream


Road to realities are envisioned before seen

What are destinies but rapine of dreams?

My heart holds a dream, my mind dares not

Arise to reality until it fills the slot


I’ve dwelt the dream I’ve paced the path

Of sweat and blood, to joy from wrath

Reaching afar – I looked the door

To all realities that’ve become never more


Where my foe cheered before my friend

As -In history – my name is penned

“Once upon a dream”, reality was riven

Beholding nights & days fulfilling my vision


 (C) Mahinour Tawfik



Dark Secret’s Review by Open book society


Brought to you by OBS Reviewer Scott

Synopsis: darksecretsfrontcoverfinal
A collection of 70 dark poems about depression, pain, sorrow, betrayal and self harm, heartbreak, and loneliness.


Dark Secrets is many things at once. Despair, hope, death, love, acceptance are just a few of the themes in this deftly written book of poetry. Tawfik, I’d have to admit, paints her canvas very dark – this is a gloomy, depressing journey. As the author herself was clinically depressed and suicidal before finding her love in poetry and that the book of poems written shortly after or during a crisis, one can only imagine the depths of horror these poems cover in the silence between words. These – literally psychobibliotherapeutical – poems run the gamut of Mahinour’s rollercoaster emotions  and touch the dark shadows that lie within us all when the light starts to fade to blue.

The book is meticulously well written if, as mentioned before, depressing. It’s not just a book of poems either. It carries an almost prose-like structure in that it is a novel, with direction, split into five chapters, each chapter carrying within it a snapshot of life during a period of crisis, finding love, receiving that first glimmer of hope, and acceptance of this flawed construct of the world the way it is. The depression, however, seems to be Tawfik’s weakness and strength; it takes a lot of mustering up of energy to be immersed in a visual field, through the lenses of depression; yet it is only through this journey that we get these words at all.

The poems, in and of themselves, are well written – not T.S. Eliot material, by any sense of the word – but delightful in their own way. For example they shine in use of diction, the subtle interplay of word meaning, and conveying their individual messages extremely well. Some are bright, some are really depressing, and some leave you hanging by a thread. Collected the way they are, one has a different lens to peer through within each ‘chapter’ of the ‘novel.’ If it’s the structure that first grab the reader’s attention, then it’s the tone of the poems that set the mood, and the echoes of the past tell the ‘tale’ of each stage in Mahinour’s experiences.

As a modicum of psychobibliotherapy is inherent in most poetry, here the reader is hit with the unabashed ‘truth’ in poetry – life written down in the words written, but more importantly, in the words not written. Given that the author suffers from chronic depression, and has been suicidal, one can safely assume that all the poems themes are going to encompass a range of negative emotions and pent up anger, that exposes the bleached white underbelly of the bloated, beached carcass that all people carry deep within. The poems do strike a chord and resonate with the reader but at the expense of writing poignant poetry to an audience that has had similar life experiences.

For the reader who enjoys psychobibliotherapeutic snapshots or simply verse and rhyme, this is definitely a book for you. For the person who doesn’t mind treading the dark recesses of human emotion, this is definitely a sale. Either way Dark Secrets is the go-to for a smaller venue of readers however for people who are going, or have gone, through a crisis or know someone going through one, this book will let you know that you aren’t alone. Everyone should be able to relate to at least one of the poems in this book, as we all have that dark side we keep in check, or have lost control of somewhere in our lives.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*



Once upon a Life

Once upon a Life
Within oceans of emptiness
Pursuing a shore but afraid to find
Desperate for soundness
How can I when it’s undefined?
Is it the deep or the shore?
And I am fleeing either
Into whirlwinds of a rotten core
Beneath depths of despair, went deeper
Where my remnants laid fragile
In a void, that life was once a synonym
Beseeching the reaper to end the battle
For I can neither sink nor swim
© Mahinour Tawfik
December 3 , 2016